The Song of Hope

Christopher Duffley is a young singer and multi-instrumentalist. At the age of 12, you might expect children his age to find joy in music and perhaps explore the possibilities of performing in front of others. However, Christopher’s story is quite extraordinary – and certainly inspirational.

At birth, Christopher suffered some serious complications. He was rendered blind at only 6 months old, due to retinopathy of prematurity. Several years later, at the age of 5, Christopher was diagnosed with Autism. Despite all of the obstacles Christopher has faced, he was able to share an incredible gift. Musical therapy eventually lead to an affinity for singing, which became his preferred method of communication.

Christopher Duffley
(photo credit: Kristin Leisman)

Christopher performed publicly for the first time when he was just in the first grade. He performed the National Anthem before his classmates, their family members, and several veterans. Since that initial performance, he has performed the Star Spangled Banner at hundreds of events, including Autism fundraisers, and major sporting events (including a NASCAR event, and Red Sox games). He also enjoys performing at Church events and nursing homes.

Christopher’s music has touched the hearts of so many – beyond performing in person, he has shared his incredible talents through his YouTube and GodTube channels. One of his most-viewed performances online is the classic “Lean On Me”. With such an incredibly powerful performance, he is sure to evoke emotion from all who hear him. He has touched the hearts of all that he has met, and many thousands more across all stretches of the internet.

Christopher will be performing at the ICare4Autism International Conference in NYC on June 30th. You can get tickets here>>

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