Companies Seeking Individuals with Autism

Several major companies are becoming aware of the fact that Autistic individuals can bring many benefits to their respective industries. A few organizations are specifically searching for the skills that are unique to Autistic individuals.

Jose Velasco, head of the Autism Initiative at SAP, a large software corporation, is looking to hire individuals with a keen sense of detail. The responsibilities of these positions range from testing new software, debugging, and involvement in customer service inquiries. Velasco has stated that Autistic individuals bring a new perspective to the work environment, as they may help boost creativity, and can work very efficiently. As part of their initiative, SAP has set a goal of having at least 1% of their employees (650 people), have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Individuals with Autism may have a difficult time adjusting to a place of employment, so SAP has taken steps to make the transition easier. In fact, they hold a month-long training that focuses on employee adaptation, which is geared towards increasing the comfort level of an Autistic individual as they begin to work in a team environment. SAP has also implemented a mentoring system, as well as a level of flexibility to accommodate the schedules of Autistic individuals.

Freddie Mac, a mortgage lender, is also seeking to hire individuals with ASD. Freddie Mac is seeking to give full-time paid internship positions to graduates with Autism. As many individuals with an ASD have great skill in mathematics, data analysis, and organization, Freddie Mac is seeking employees in data services, finance, and IT.

Currently, about 85% of adults with Autism are unemployed, although they may desire to work full-time. Many initiatives are being put in effect in order to significantly improve this rate within the next few years. There are many skills that an Autistic individual can bring to a company, including an incredible attention to detail, a focused concentration, an excellent memory, and detailed knowledge about the subjects of their interest.

The ICare4Autism International Conference will be discussing the Global Autism Workforce Initiative in NYC on June 30th. A representative from Freddie Mac will be speaking at the Autism Workforce Round Table. The representative will be discussing the importance of implementing programs that give employment opportunities to individuals with ASD. To attend the conference, please select your tickets here.

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