New Study Reveals Possible Link between Inducing Labor and Autism

Study indicates that inducing labor might be linked to autism

Study indicates that inducing labor might be linked to autism

The study is a preliminary stage and further researched is needed  The risk of autism can be associated with a number of things.

Drugs taken to induce labor are one of the many risks. Beneficial for both mother and child, at times, it becomes necessary for doctors to speed up or start labor labor. Simon Gregory, Lead Researcher, said, “We haven’t found a connection for cause and effect. One of the things we need to look at is why they were being induced in the first place”.

In a review of Government data, findings reveal that women in US are increasingly induced with labor. One in five women in the US have labor induced. Since 1990, that number appears to have doubled in comparison.  The study researchers have looked at the North Carolina birth records spanning over eight years, in order to arrive at the above stated results.

They have found, after comparing 625,042 births with public school data that 5,648 children developed autism.

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