Run Twins, Run!

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 marked the 43rd annual New York City marathon, where tens of thousands runners come together to run 26.2 miles. Of these runners are non-verbal autistic identical twins, Alex and Jamie Schneider. Together, the twins have completed about 130 races, including April’s Boston Marathon, but this was the first New York City marathon for the pair.


Parents Robyn and Allan realized when the boys were just 8 years old that they had not only a passion, but a natural gift for running. Alex has a running coach, Kevin McDermott, who even says, “Alex is born to run. I have to cheat on the off-days when we don’t run together. I’ll sneak in four or five miles just so I can stay in good enough shape [to keep up with him].”[i] Jamie runs with his dad, who says during races he loves to stop at every water stop just to shake people’s hands. He explains, “I’ll explain to people, there’s not a lot I can share with him, but when we’re running, it’s an unspoken language.”


Alex and Jamie are truly an inspiration. They ran the New York City Marathon for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment, which is dedicated to the education and care of people with autism.


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