World Health Organization (WHO) Answers Autism Questions

ICare4Autism recently announced the new partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), working on a project to create an online e-resource center for autism. Founder and CEO of ICareAutism, Dr. Joshua Weinstein, has been working closely with Dr. Shekhar Saxena, the Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at the World Health Organization. This project’s goal is to improve access to knowledge regarding autism and promote the exchange of information internationally throughout all disciplines.


The World Health Organization has recognized the rapid increase of autism, and has added information regarding the developmental delay to their website. For the full Q&A, click here. From the definition of autism to its diagnosis, the WHO answers all basic questions. Here are some take-away facts about autism from their site:


  • Autism spectrum disorders are a group of complex brain development disorders, characterized by difficulties in social interactions and communication
  • The level of intellectual functioning varies among persons with ASD
  • Characteristics of autism include the delay in the development or temporary regression in language and social skills and repetitive stereotyped patterns of behavior
  • Parents can help to ensure access to health services and education
  • Scientific evidence suggests that both genetic and environmental factors contribute to the onset of autism spectrum disorders


Read more about the collaboration between ICare4Autism and WHO.

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