Employment Opportunities for People with Autism at Artistas Café

Founder Vicky Westra created Aristas Café, providing training, internships, and employment for people with high functioning autism. Unfortunately, many people with autism struggle to find employment, and Westra, mother of an autistic daughter, wanted to change the statistics. According to Aristas Café’s website, they are

“focused on showing the capabilities of these individuals. We believe that with the right training, support and environment, these individuals make excellent team members, not just for Artistas Café, but for any business is our community!”[i]

One of Aristas Café’s employers, Brian Martin, is thrilled to finally be involved in the employment world, “I like to get people excited about things that we have coming up. Our first day was May 20, this is our 10th week being open.” [ii] For people like Brian, this opportunity is changing his life. At age 24, this is his first real job and he loves every minute of it.

Westra’s goal is to take her business worldwide, as “autism is a global diagnosis.” ICare4Autism is also dedicated to finding employment opportunities for people diagnosed with autism, both locally and globally. By collaborating with major workforce entities to develop the best practices in workforce development, the Global Autism Workforce will help thousands of people with autism find their dream job. Click here to learn more about the Global Autism Workforce, and ICare4Autism’s other initiatives.

Kudos to Vicky Westra for positively impacting the autism community, and providing young adults with autism the opportunity to find a job they enjoy!

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