Autism Brain Bank Collaboration Announced Today

Today, four prominent autism research organizations announce their collaboration with the formation of Autism BrainNet, a national “brain bank,” to acquire brain tissue of recently diseased persons with autism spectrum disorder and disseminate for research purposes. The culmination of the Autism Tissue Program’s preexisting efforts in conjunction with the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI), the University of California’s MIND Institute, and others will greatly expand reach and impact. Autism BrainNet will launch this fall, under the direction of David Amaral, Ph.D., of the MIND Institute. A web portal will provide access to research results and track the progress of the numerous ventures that Autism BrainNet is supporting.


Brain tissue provides valuable information for research into neurological disorders, such as autism, that are difficult to assess. The Autism BrainNet organizations are sensitive to the fact that many people are uncomfortable with the concept of brain donation, and commend families who have donated to the Autism Tissue Program for their courage.





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