Transcend Research: Pediatric Neurologist Suggests Holistic Wellness Strategies for ASD

 Finally, a medical professional writes the book on simple, at home strategies to improve the daily life of those with autism and their caregivers. Author Dr. Martha Herbert, pediatric neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, is the director of the TRANSCEND Research program, which aims to develop practical solutions for families coping with neurodevelopment disorders. Herbert’s new book “The Autism Revolution: Whole-Body Strategies For Making Life All It Can Be” translates cutting edge research, technology, and thought into practical processes for parents of children with autism. Her holistic approach begins with overall wellness of body and mind, from nutrition to stress, and builds to creativity and learning in daily exchanges. In an interview with PBS, Herbert explained her comprehensive, biological approach in relation to a particular families experience coping with ASD saying, “If you think of it as a brain disorder that’s a miswiring from birth, then what the parents are doing is utterly insane or incongruous. But if you think of the brain as being affected by the whole body, then when you affect the body, you can affect the brain.” At the core of Herbert’s methodology is systems biology, which she explains saying, “The brain and the immune system and the gut are intimately related. The cells in those systems have common features.” While contemporary culture romanticizes magic medicine easing our problems with the pop of a pill, Herbert suggests that these solutions are temporary, addressing effects not causes. Here book brimming at the edges with inspirational anecdotes of families succeeding in transforming their lives with holistic wellness approaches. To read more about “The Autism Revolution,” visit the official book site at

Dr. Martha Herbert will be speaking at ICare4Autism’s International Autism Conference June 5th, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. For the conference, ‘Autism: Cutting Edge Research and Promising Treatment and Educational Approaches,’ Herbert will present her holistic approach in a seminar Taking a Fresh Look at Autism. For more information or to register for the conference, visit: .


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