The Advantages of Autism

As any parent who discovers their child is diagnosed with Autism, many thoughts go through your mind. You question will my child grow up and lead a “normal” life. However, as we continue to do research, we find there are different levels and spectrum’s of Autism. This is a story about an amazing boy, Lars Sonne who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3, but his parents, Thorkil and Annette Sonne knew he had some amazing qualities that were not classified under the description of his diagnosis of Autism.

When Thorkil Sonne learned that his son, Lars had some amazing skills that could not be ignored, he came up with a business plan and started a company called, Specialisterne, Danish for “the specialists,” on the theory that, given the right environment, an autistic adult could not just hold down a job but also be the best person for it. For many years, research shows that Autistic adults do not go to college and are not able to hold down a job. Thorkil did not want this for his son. This motivated him to create this company not just locally but internationally.

In June Thorkil opened a United States headquarters in Wilmington, Del. The company says it plans to begin recruiting and training autistic software testers in Delaware next month, and if all goes well, it will expand the program to other states. Specialisterne is also talking with Microsoft about setting up a pilot program in Fargo, N.D., where it has a large software-development operation.

In summary, as we continue to learn more about Autism and it’s different levels and spectrums; what we are learning that the advantages that come of it. 

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