Helping Autistic Children to Make Emotional Transitions

 New autism research shows that autistic children struggle to identify when to be afraid and when to remain calm. Autism studies show that children tend to hold on to their past fears. Research has shown the rising need to assist children with ASD to make emotional transitions, especially when dealing with their fears.

Mikle South, a psychology professor from Brigham Young University stated “people with autism likely don’t experience or understand their world in the same way we do.” Through autism education we need to help those dealing with autism to better understand their surroundings, in order for them to properly adjust to their environment.

Autism studies have discovered a strong connection between anxiety and repetitive behaviors. Researchers are linking symptoms used to diagnose autism with emotional difficulties that are not usually considered as a symptom for autism.

The continuation of repetitive fears linked to old fears of an autistic child can be detrimental to the child’s physical health. Our bodies produce a high level of hormones while battling our fears. These hormones can be damaging to both our bodies and our brains if sustained over a long period of time


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