Therapeutic Theater: The Miracle Project

Therapeutic Theater: The Miracle Project

Elaine Hall- Founder & President of The Miracle Project


Parents and educators who are looking for innovative ways to improve both the social, and academic skills of students on the autism spectrum would have found the information provided by Elaine Hall during the ICare4Autism International Conference in Jerusalem beneficial.  Ms. Hall is the founder and president of The Miracle Project and the co-author of Seven Keys to Unlock Autism: Creating Miracles In The Classroom.  The Miracle Project is a program Elaine created after she realized traditional therapies were not helping her son Neal, who has been diagnosed with autism after she adopted him.

Through the use of performing arts, The Miracle Project has helped those with autism to build their confidence, and to also improve their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, speech, memory, social skills, mental agility, sensory integration, as well as their ability to efficiently express themselves.  Elaine has also used her book, Seven Keys to Unlock Autism: Creating Miracles In The Classroom as a training tool for both, volunteers and staff members.  As a result of the success that she has had with The Miracle Project in Los Angeles, Elaine is currently making it available nationwide.

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