S. Mariam Aljunied, Ph.D. visited Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices

S. Mariam Aljunied, Ph.D.  Principal Specialist, Education Psychology, Ministry of Education, Singapore visited Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices with Dr. Joshua Weinstein- Founder-CEO,  Suri Gruen – Program Director, Dr. Beth Diviney-Coordinator, and Gili Rechany-Educational Director.

Dr. Aljunied is an invited speaker at the ICare4Autism August 2012 Autism Conference in Israel. During Dr. Aljunied’s visit she took a tour in the facility. She observed the students through a double sided observation rooms, she entered classrooms, toured the Snoozelen Room, and the Adaptive Learning Skills Center. During her classroom observations she highlighted the importance of feeding instruction and the lack of focus in this area. She shared the difficulties in her country in teaching such skills and the need for a team approach in order to achieve success. She discussed the importance of socialization training and her shared vision with Dr. Weinstein of the future of vocational training and employment opportunities led by ICARE4AUTISM called the” Workforce Initiative”.

Dr. Aljunied and the Educational team continued to discuss Shema Kolainu’s educational philosophy. The importance of individualized programming and the need for data analysis on regular basis was also highlighted as a key component and a major predictor to student success. Future collaborations of ICare4Autism and Dr. Aljunied were discussed, such as, teacher training opportunities, research collaboration and conferences such as the International Autism Conference in Jerusalem on August 2012.

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