Mike Snape, the Chief Scientific Officer at Autism Therapeutics Ltd. to Speak on Autism in Israel

Mike Snape, the Chief Scientific Officer at Autism Therapeutics Ltd. and member of the ICare4Autism Advisory Council will be speaking on Autism in Israel at the upcoming August Autism Conference held by ICare4Autism. More specifically, Dr. Snape’s address will over topics of pharmaceuticals used to treat all disorders on the autistic spectrum including Fragile X. Autism Therapeutics Ltd. is located in Kingston upon Thames in The United Kingdom. Dr. Snape specializes in development of medications which will help all disorders on the autism spectrum.

Prior to becoming a founding partner in Autism Therapeutics, Professor Snape was the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Neuropharm Group PLC, a UK based autism focused drug development company, and was part of the team that took Neuropharm through an IPO less than twelve months after the first private financing. Professor Snape was an Associate Director and Head of Pharmacology for Vernalis PLC, a UK based CNS focused drug development company. He was also a principal scientist at Cerebrus Ltd, the first UK based CNS focused biotech company, where he was responsible for the neurodegeneration drug discovery group and the project initiator of CEB 1050 for autism. Prof. Snape began his career as a senior scientist at Astra Neuroscience Research Unit.

Dr. Snape has been involved in clinical studies in autism since 1997, and has been responsible for conceiving and executing multiple clinical studies in autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders.

Sitting on the scientific board of FRAXA a Research Foundation created by a small group of parents, Dr. Snape helps them accelerate progress for finding a cure for Fragile X. Dr. Snape began working with FRAXA in 2006, after discovering FRAXA’s studies on the internet and concluding, on the basis of those studies, that developing a Fragile X treatment would fit well into Neuropharm’s programs. The result is the recently completed trial of fenobam in adults with Fragile X.

Dr. Snape’s Autism Therapeutics Ltd. Program primarily focuses on progressing disease modifying therapies for the two rare and severe genetically-linked causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); Rett Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome. He recognizes that there is no cure, but that medical treatments for symptoms of ASD can be very transformational in the symptoms and thus the lives of patients.

Medical treatments for symptoms of ASDs comprise a variety of pharmacologic agents that are generally intended to treat common comorbidities of ASDs. There remains an unmet medical need for an effective pharmacotherapy to treat the core symptoms of this serious disorder given that there are no approved marketed drugs for this indication. Only two medications have received FDA approval to treat irritability (an associated, not “core”, symptom of autism) in children with autism. Dr. Snape will speak more on the medical treatments in August.


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