Impact of ASDs on Parent Mental Health

Impact of ASDs on Parent Mental HealthA study by the York University, Department of Psychology in Toronto examined the impact of children problem behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) on parent mental health.

Raising a child with an ASD has often been associated with higher levels of parenting stress and psychological distress.

The study looked at relations among child problem behavior, parent mental health, psychological acceptance, and parent empowerment. Participants included 228 parents of children diagnosed with ASD, 6–21 years of age.

The findings suggest that for problems that are on going and difficult to address, such as ASDs, psychological acceptance may be an important factor in coping for parents.

An Australian study on the well-being of parents of children with autism found that parents who received more social support, had lower scores of depression, anxiety and anger. Also parents with older children, females and larger families reported lower scores of anger.

However a study looking at parents coping with autism over a period of approximately a decade found that fewer parents coped through reliance on service providers, family support, social withdrawal and individualism. The study established that as parents matured they coped through their religious faith and other emotion-focused strategies.

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