Step into Your Legacy: How to Leave Your Mark on Autism

(L/R) Dr Eric Hollander, Dr. Joshua Weinstein (Founder & President, ICare4Autism), Daniel Herschkowitz (Minister of Science and Technology- Israel ), Ruth Amber Gristak (Chief of Staff, ICare4Autism) at the 2010 International Autism Conference in Jerusalem... PHOTO BY: RON URIEL

As humans, we have the opportunity to leave a legacy as rich and profound as the paths we choose. The choices we make have the ability to help and heal. However, our inaction has the ability to stop solutions from ever beginning to develop. Differences, such as race, color, crede and financial status, can subconsciously persuade us to believe we are parallel. In reality, we are even more than intertwined. We are a global community, facing global problems.

Reflect, as you read this. What are you doing as opposed to what you can do? What have you done and what will you do? How will you strengthen our global community?

Step into your legacy. Empower others and you will empower yourself. Become an autism advocate and join us on this journey of successful endeavors for humanity. Because, at the end of the day, we are all human and, right now, there are people who need your help.

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A List of Ways that You Can Get Involved

Photo By Gretchen Niaki

Contribute an Article

ICare4Autism accepts autism news article submissions. Submissions must directly relate to autism and be between 150 and 400 words. Why Contribute? The official website of the International Center for Autism Research and Education, ICare4Autism, acts as the go-to place for the latest, breaking news in autism Continual efforts are made to inform the autism community of what is going on with autism, around the globe. This includes all forms of news: headlines, medical, educational, behind-the-scenes stories, etc. Popularity of this developed feature has been on continual rise.


The help of volunteers, dedicated to helping the important cause are welcome to send an email, expressing interest through the general inquires box, in the CONTACT section of the website.

Make ICare4Autism the Official Charity of Your Event

Are you having a special party, gathering or grand event? Whether you are having company picnic, release party or a graduation party, you make ICare4Autism, the Official Charity of your event. For this, ICare4Autism will send informative materials, etc. In exchange, you will donate a percentage of proceeds and/or monetary cash donations from the event to ICare4Autism. We will also post photos from your event on the website, with your permission.

Connect Your Business

Whether your business is a major corporation or ‘mom and pop’ shop, you can connect with the ICare4Autism, and be a part of the journey to finding the cause, cure and further treatment options for autism.

  • Option 1: Give Your Full Support

Businesses that give their “Full Support” are those that pledge a percentage of th

MISS USA 2009, Kristen Dalton, and High School football star, Brandon Lloyd, pose for a photo at "ICare4Autism 2010: Cocktail Gala", held in Tampa, Florida... PHOTO BY RICHARD HARRELL PHOTOGRAPHY

eir proceeds for an unspecified, ongoing period of time, without a monetary cap on the donation. These businesses will receive a special plaque of appreciation. Their businesses name will also be listed as a sponsor, on our website and in our print publication.

  • Option 2: Limited-Time Contributor

If your business would like to contribute a portion of proceeds for a set period of time, then becoming a “Limited Time Contributor” is the right option for you. This limited time period is set by the contributing business. The business will receive a special plaque of appreciation.

  • Option 3: Contribute a Pledged Amount

If your business would like to contribute a specific amount of money, to be raised through a portion of your businesses proceeds, for an unspecified period of time then your businesses best donation option is that of a “Contribution of a Pledged Amount.” This option entails the setting of a pledge, by choosing of the business, to be given to the ICare4Autism. This option is ongoing until the set amount of donation money is collected.

For more details on all of these opportunities, please visit the navigation bar on the official website,

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