Florida: Cancer Drug Used on Children with Autism

Photo by Aislinn Ritchie/Flickr

In South Florida, children with autism have been given an experimental drug by a Maryland-based medical group as part of their regular treatments.  While some parents are claiming that it’s working, the administration of Lupron, a cancer drug used normally for chemical castration, has physicians and therapists enraged.

The Maryland-based medical group defends its actions by stating that Lupron works to remove mercury from a child’s body.  It also helps calm children who otherwise act physically or sexually aggressive, by counteracting the production of testosterone.

Despite a mother’s claim that the drug is helping her 18-year-old son, the medical community has lashed out against its use.  They believe that Lupron is being used for the wrong reasons, and could have severe long lasting consequences on the childrenExperts say that there is no link between the cause of autism and mercury, or any evidence that Lupron successfully removes mercury from the body.  Nor is there any study that shows that children with autism have higher levels of testosterone, and that’s what makes them aggressive.  Lastly, the drug can cause bone damage, impotency, heart problems, and stunted growth.

These people are preying on the fears of parents. We cannot be using these children who are so vulnerable as guinea pigs in a medical experiment,” said Neurologist BethAnn McLaughlin.

Lupron is primarily used to treat prostate cancer in men and endometrial cancer in women.  Using Lupron for therapeutic purposes started in 2005.  Dr. Mark Geier believes that children with autism have high levels of testosterone, and Lupron is the logical solution to combat it.

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