CM-AT, Autism Treatment at Hospital in New Jersey

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Saint Peter’s University Hospital, which is located in New Brunswick, N.J., is one of the first of thirteen hospitals in the country that will be treating individuals who suffer from autism with an unprecedented treatment option.  This treatment was designed by Curemark, LLC. Curemark is a drug research and development company that specifically formulates treatments for neurological conditions.

The treatment is known as CM-AT and it is in Phase III of clinical trials for Curemark.  CM-AT was created to specifically address one of the basic physiologies of autism and has received Fast Track Status from the FDA.  Curemark research identified that children who suffer from autism had enzyme deficiencies, which ultimately resulted in them having an inability to digest proteins.  This condition is the beginning of what many researchers believe is the basic physiological problem because the inability to digest proteins minimizes the amount of amino acids that are available for the brainAmino acids are the basic forms of chemicals that are necessary for proper brain function.

Gabriella Fabbri / SXC

The Founder and CEO of Curemark, Joan Fallon, has stated that she is very pleased that St. Peter’s University Hospital is participating in this study.  She also mentions, “We’re currently assessing the viability of other possible sites around the country to join the autism study.”

To me, it is seems evident that Curemark is paving the way for research studies across the country that will treat and hopefully lead to a cure for all individuals who currently suffer from the debilitating effects of autism.



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  1. Richard Auger
    Posted May 19, 2017 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    When is CM-AT expected to be available for autistic patients?

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