Summer-Fun, Gift Ideas: A Plethora of Price Ranges

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Finding the perfect activity for a child with autism can be difficult.  Even more difficult is gift giving. So, what do you bring for the autistic children of your family and friends when you go to visit them this Memorial Day Weekend? Here is a list of age and disability appropriate gifts in every price range from

NAMEiTs Original and Jr. Card Games from Great American Puzzle– $7.45 each

This product is a 5-time national award winning game of creative brainstorming for answers to open-ended questions such as “Name things that… fly”. Over 165 different categories are available on the original edition. Developed as a tool for parents and teachers to support language development in children, the Junior version builds specific skills that are proven to benefit reading and school success. This product is great entertainment for any down time like sitting in a car, traveling, waiting rooms, etc.

Brown Tiger-Asthma Friendly from Kids Preferred- $9.95

This cute and cuddly tiger meets all EN71 and ASTMF963 safety requirements. Asthma friendly certified toys do not contain any fabric or fillings known to aggravate asthma. It comes with weekly cleaning instructions to keep the toy safe.

Peek-A Boo Bags from Peek-A Boo Stuff- $14.35 each

These easy to tote toys offer great visual and tactile feedback, promote sustained attention as children manipulate the bags to visually seek out objects imbedded in the contents. Measuring approximately 6.5″ square, this toy is irresistible with colorful soft corduroy on the back and multi-colored stripes on the front.

Trace N’ Learn Cake from Learning Resources- $26.96

It is fun to learn about the concept of birthdays while role playing decorating a cake. This interactive cake teaches letter recognition, simple words and beginning handwriting. Using the pretend frosting tube or write-and-wipe crayons, anyone can write messages on the cake’s surface and decorate with number and alphabet stamps or static clings decals. It includes six candles that fit into the frosting, twelve Alphabet and Number Tracing Stamps (0-9), five write-and-wipe crayons, eraser and 22 decals. The two-piece cake locks together and provides easy cleanup with handy storage inside.

Tumble Forms 2® Weighted Critters from Sammons Preston– $57.50

This product is especially useful for anyone with SID and ADHD. The weighted critters, whale, dinosaur, or caterpillar, are placed in the lap or wrapped around the shoulders to help the wearer remain still and retain focus. This product also provides pressure touch and proprioceptive input around the neck and shoulders. This product is constructed from lead-free steel shot and encased around a stain resistant, flame-retardant brushed nylon material. It is non-toxic and latex free.

Sand and Water Fun Table from Anatex– $129.95

This fun table provides sensory feedback for anyone adventurous enough to explore, dig, and excavate in this compact size sand table! It has yellow and black stripes around the outside that provide a visually clear boundary that can be seen in the outside world as well. This comes with a shovel, strainer, and rake for added play, but sand must be purchased separately.

Swinging Tent Cavern from Haba- $289.95

This fun new toy combines the fun from a swing with the privacy and imaginary potential of a tent. It includes a swivel hook, snap link, as well as large fabric mesh windows. Children using this product may be come aroused or calmed and soothed by the motion, depending on the intensity of play. The enclosed tent provides an opportunity for reduced visual stimulation, while providing vestibular input. Material: polyester, metal rings, in two parts. Dimensions: 40 inches, height 59 inches. Ages 3+. Max. load: 176 lbs.

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