Prevent Escape, Keep Kids with Autism Safe

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Keeping your child with autism safe can be a full-time job. With spontaneous behaviors and often-impaired communication skills, you can actually take small, preventative steps to make sure you child with autism is always in safe hands.

Secure Your Home

It seems to me that one of the most terrifying experiences would be to lose your child in the middle of the night. For this reason, your child’s room should be most secure.

Consider installing a lock that can be secured from the outside of his or her room. In addition to, or instead, try a small door chime that makes noise every time a door is opened. Don’t forget to secure windows too, but keep in mind of potential fire hazards.

Tracking Bracelets

Arming your child with a tracking bracelet, such as one from Project Livesaver, makes sure that if lost, your child will definitely be found. Matthew Clark is one teen with autism who is also mentally handicapped and deaf. He has tried to escape many times and has always been found thanks to Project Livesaver.

Raise Awareness

Many cases of escaped children with autism were prevented because neighbors knew to be on the look out. If everyone in town knows what your child looks like and what the circumstances are, they are more likely to help you and report anything suspicious.

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