Fashion Designer ‘Cares 4 Autism’

Aashrita Asher Jay is the young mogul behind the popular 'Asher Jay' collections (Photo by: Sunder Ramu)

Fashion designer Aashrita Asher Jay, the mogul behind the Asher Jay clothing brand, has been hailed for her creativity that blends multicultural highlights into a canvass of  unity.

Recently, Miss Jay took a time out to connect with a cause very near and dear to her, autism. She donated her time to develop the new t-shirt design for the International Center for Autism Research and Education (ICare4Autism).

The t-shirt, entitled “Pieces that Puzzle” makes its debut in Spring/Summer 2010.

When asked, why she CARES 4 AUTISM, she responded with the following answer.

“We are all dots in this world and our memories and lives are built on our ability to connect. Autism is a very real neurological and genetic impairment that affects many families in America and the world; it inhibits several wonderful dots from reaching out and connecting. Autism isn’t just a disorder, and it does not just impact the person who is patho-physiologically affected.”

“I Care For Autism because it is about nurturing a tolerance toward the dots that are different, dots that need the collective connections of a caring community in order to see and be a part of the larger picture. As a dot I add to the picture, as a dot I care.”


This quote from Aashrita Asher Jay was originally published in the article, Celebrities Support Autism: Why I Care for Autism, found in the Spring 2010 Issue of our magazine.


For more information on Asher Jay designs please visit the official website,

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