5 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Every Day

1. Reach out to a family affected by autism

Parents can have a tough (not to mention stressful) time raising one or multiple kids with autism or an autism-related-disorder. Lending a hand and to help out can make families affected by autism feel like part of their community. This can also help improve the kids’ social skills. The little things are big things. You can do anything from  including a child with autism in a group activity, or volunteering to babysit. It is very important that  parents of a child with autism have some time to relax.

(Photo by: Flick/Pratham Books)

2. Volunteer and spread autism awareness

Something small that you can incorporate into your weekly life would be to volunteer at an autism therapy center. Teachers are typically delighted to train regular volunteers with some basic skills that can be used to help children and individuals who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder in or after school. Also, remember that you can make your voice count by commenting on our Facebook page. Plus, this enables you to keep up-to-date on all the latest autism news through our RSS feed.

3. Plan to attend an autism fundraiser

Want to have a ridiculously good time and contribute to something worthwhile that makes you fulfills your need to help others? Autism Fundraisers, like ICare4Autism’s 2010 Cocktail Gala are imperative to the continuation of autism research and education. And, they are tons of fun! They include everyone from parents who have children with autism, local businesses and even celebrities! Miss USA Kristen Dalton will show her support while guests enjoying the prizes, open vodka bar, live music and auctions. Talk about a good cause – Click here to get your ICare4Autism 2010: Cocktail Gala tickets now! Or, order by telephone: 1-866-999-9735

4. Become a mentor to an Individual with autism

If you know someone in your community, why not spend more one-on-one time with them. It can be as simple as taking them to a movie or doing homework together. Help guide them and gain confidence. Remember, patience is a virtue that an individual must have to be involved in this kind of task. However, the results are very rewarding.

5. Donate to your favorite autism organization

Non-profits that are dedicated to autism, work hard to support individuals affected by autism in many ways. A great idea for simple, and quick involvement in autism, is donate. For this, you simply need to choose an autism organization that is dedicated to the betterment of important autism issues like autism research and education. Also, do some homework. Be sure that you know where you money is going. One great option is offered by some organizations that let you pick the specific sector you would like your donation to go to. ICare4Autism is one of these organizations.  To Donate to ICare4Autism CLICK HERE

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