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Autistic Enterocolitis: The Ugly Case Against Leaky Gut

A study in England that sparked the anti-vaccine autism movement involving Measles, Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism, has lead to the consideration of dismissing “Leaky Gut” or Autistic Enterocolitis. The disease is now being investigated due to the unreliability of previous scientific evidence. Journalist Brian Deer’s article appears in The British Medical Journal (BMJ) […]

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Vid & Exclu. Interview: Outstanding Singer with Autism

Jimmy could not even speak until age 4. Instead, he took to the family piano and then to using as his voice. Slowly his speech developed, and with therapy, it improved. Jimmy had not only found his voice, but an incredible one at that.

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Autism Alert: One Danger of a Swing Set

The Journal of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus reported that one of the most innocent activities your child with autism takes pleasure in may harm him or her. Therapeutic Swings let children with autism feel the cool wind in their hair and have tons of fun, but researchers found that prolonged playing […]

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Kennedy Krieger Institute Releases Study Results

A new study, published by the Kennedy Krieger Institute, unearths the complications a child can run into depending on when and how they are diagnosed with autism. According to the study, the child’s educational and developmental outcomes can be traced back to when the initial symptoms arrived.  Currently, the persons behind the study claim that […]

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Man with Autism Excels at Work in Brooklyn

When Isaac Abraham bought Kramer‘s hardware store in Brooklyn, New York, he noticed the special employee who would do wonders for the business. A man named George had (and still maintains knowledge of) every piece and its quantity in the store memorized in his head. Abraham eventually discovered, that not only did George have autism, […]

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