Children with Autism Segregated During Playtime

Photo by: pawpaw/Flickr

Seven Hills West Public School, located in South Wales, confirmed to reporters that they did approve the segregation of children with autism during outdoor playtime. Unfortunately for the children with autism, this denied interaction is important for them to be a part of.  This is because during the school-age years, social interaction is greatly needed for children with autism.

Here’s the breakdown. During recess, while the other children ran in wide, open spaces, the area where the children with autism were placed was referred to as a “pen.” But, unlike the other large childrens’ area, the “pen” includes a mere tree, single bench and no grass. The school has attempted to validate the situation to parents by saying that their actions were intended to protect the children with autism from danger.

Michael Coutts-Trotter, the head of the education department in South Wales further commented, “It’s a school that has a busy road next to it and some of the children who come into the school have a history of running out of schools, which in this case could mean running on to a very busy road and dying.”

Still, multiple groups are outraged by the treatment of children with autism. Much is said about how there are so many “unfair” actions occurring. This story, sadly,  is very similar to the boy who was denied to go on a school trip, and many agree that the rights of these children with autism were violated. One parent, of a child with autism, commented that Seven Hills West treated the children “like rats” when comparing other schools.

For more information on this story, please check back. The International Center for Autism Research and Education (ICare4Autism) will continue to post on this topic, as new details are received. Official link to the autism news site:

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