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MISS USA & Icare4autism: Raising Money for Autism

The International Center for Autism Research and Education (ICare4Autism) is proud to announce that MISS USA, Kristen Dalton will be hosting the ICare4Autism 2010: Cocktail Gala. This major event will be held at the Florida Aquarium on April 15th, 2010 in Tampa, Florida. Today, the Wilmington, North Carolina native met with ICare4Autism Chief of Staff, […]

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Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat Praises Icare4autism

On Wednesday March 24th, 2010, Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat, praised the International Center for Autism Research and Education (ICare4Autism) in a meeting held at his office. It is speculated that the two discussed the details of the major autism facility that the universal autism non-profit will be creating in Jerusalem, Israel. Although, the press has […]

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LAPD Responds to Public Backlash in Autism Shooting

This past Saturday, an unarmed man with autism, Steven Eugene Washington, was killed by two LAPD officers after they assumed he was reaching for a weapon in his waistband. Backlash has since ensued over the tragedy.  The officers said that Washington’s actions caused them to fear for their lives and open fire, but how able […]

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Autism IT: Employment Expands Internationally

Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEiS), which owns software company Specialisterne, has become a force in autism advocacy. Previously known for recruiting workers with autism, Specialisterne has been awarded a humongous grant of £407,036, or the American equivalent of approximately $616,492 by the BIG Lottery Fund to expand its company program to Glasgow in the United […]

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LAPD Slays Man With Autism

LAPD officers shot and fatally wounded an autistic man after his uncontrollable behavior led them to believe he was dangerous. Stephen Eugene Washington, 27, was diagnosed with autism and other learning disabilities.  His relatives said that in addition, he was afraid of strangers, and could even be unsocial around family members. Officers Allan Corrales and […]

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Behind the Scenes: My Autistic Daughter

Autism falls on a spectrum. That means that no two causes are exactly alike. Sometimes this can make it very hard to diagnosis. The following video is a look inside the behaviors of a child with autism that is living in middle class home.

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Test Your Child with Autism Genetics Detector

According to the online journal Pediatrics, a recent study has shown the most effective way to detect autism in your child. The genetic testing process, Chromosomal Microarray Analysis (CMA) has the ability to discover more abnormalities that may cause autism. The study involved researchers from facilities and establishments including Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, […]

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730,000 Have Autism: The Truth About Autism’s Rise

Is there reason to fear the new numbers arriving on the prevalence of autism? Looking back at the late 2009 study that was published in Pediatrics magazine (published online October 5, 2009) it is hard to know that the alarming numbers from 5-months ago haven’t gotten any better.

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Learning to Bicycle with Autism

For most children, there are basic pieces of childhood that make up their ‘kid experience.’ Everyone’s list may be different but most include one thing— learning to ride a bicycle. Unfortunately, less than 20 percent of kids with autism and 10 percent of those with Down syndrome learn to ride a bike.

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Eco-Sensitive Autism: the Environment & Autism

As previously reported on, a U.S. special vaccine court ruled against parents who sued on claims that their children developed autism because of dangerous, mercury-based chemicals that were used vaccines in three separate cases. What this does, does not change is the numbers: autism still affects 1 in 91 children and the reasons why […]

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