Say ‘Namaste’ to Autism

Along with flexibility, Yoga improves the mental state of autistic children (Flickr/a4gpa)

While music and art therapy are at the top of the alternative or supplementary autism treatment list, yoga is attracting a new following.

Lynne Silberman of Dallas, Texas created and currently runs a yoga program for special-needs children. Licensed by the Florida-based group Yoga for the Special Child, Silberman previously taught at Dallas Services before becoming an independent instructor.

Although physical activity is extremely beneficial to autistic children, encouraging them to participate in sports may expose them to risk for injury. Silbeman commented that she is aware of the risks. In addition, yoga entails slow movements that lower the possibility for injury as opposed to other activities.

As far as benefits are concerned, Silberman explains that Yoga improves the autistic children’s attention spans, balance and strength as well as confidence and self-control. Parents say they notice an improvement in their autistic child’s mental ability and spirit.

But the best part, the kids will tell you, is that their imagination can run wild. In addition to practicing yoga poses, autistic kids love to include their own creations like “ghost pose” or “goldfish pose”. From fun to function, yoga might be the right autism treatment for your child.

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