English Mother Fears for Autistic Son’s Life

Autistic Children are Considered Especially Vulnerable (Flickr/ODHD)

In Colchester, England, a mother fears for her autistic son’s life.

Harassment and brutal physical violence is expected to continue for Annie Sands’ son Alex. On January 15th, the 18-year old who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, was attacked by as many as five people.

Thought to be armed with a hammer and possibly a screwdriver, the crew beat and stabbed Alex in the back, chest, and thigh. As a result, Alex suffered five days in a hospital with a collapsed lung.

This attack, Annie says, was the not the first. Last year Alex had been assaulted as well. Based on the history of violence against Alex, Annie expresses fear that her son will soon be the target again.

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