Yearly Trips to Mongolia Help Boy with Autism

By Nicole Hegewald

Rupert Isaacson is a human rights activist and journalist who wrote a book called “The Horse Boy” and is currently promoting a film with the same title. Isaacson took his family on a journey all the way to Mongolia to help heal his now 7-year-old son Rowan, who has autism. This documentary follows the family’s travels in their search of helping their son.

Picture by Mlkeewa~ on

Picture by Mlkeewa~ on

In an interview with StarNews Isaacson advised, “Ask yourself, what is my child interested in? Trust your intuition. Try anything that doesn’t hurt your child. Seek advice from other parents. Spend as much time out in nature as possible.”

Isaacson had noticed that his son was positively influenced by a group of Bushmen people from Africa. He had brought them to the United Nations because he was helping them get their land rights returned. According to Isaacson they offered to do “a bit of work” on the boy and afterward he began behaving “more like a normal toddler”. He believed that this had a great effect in tandem with Rowan meeting their horse, Betsy.

When asked if the family was going to stop using western medicinal remedies, Isaacson replied, “We tried biomedical and behavioral methods, and we’d seen some progress, but nothing as radical as the effect of the horses and the shaman. He’d had a radical and positive reaction to that. We never abandoned Western medicine and treatments.”

The family is convinced that Rowan is adjusting nicely with the yearly trips to Mongolia. On his first trip, he opened his arms to another child his age and called him his brother, more than he had ever spoken to anyone.

“…We’ve gone on yearly healing journeys since. Rowan was not cured of his autism, but there’s a difference between healing and being cured. Autism doesn’t impair his quality of life anymore,” says Isaacson.

The movie will be airing in theaters all over the country and more information about it can be found at

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