Special Needs: An Outside-of-the-Box Approach

New Book Uses Yoga to

Aid the Special Needs Child

“Yoga, which means ‘union’, is the word used by the Hindu culture to describe the natural flow of body movements while melding structure and energy,” writes author Nancy Williams. “Yoga therapy is based on unity and the respect of all. What does yoga therapy look like? It looks like a group of beautiful special needs children learning and using the important components of a gentle Hatha yoga practice to improve each and every aspect of their life.”

Book By Nancy Williams

Book By Nancy Williams

In her new book Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child: Meeting Needs in a Natural Setting [January 2010, Singing Dragon, Paperback, 208 pp, 978-1-84819-027-6, $19.95], Williams elaborates on how yoga therapy is especially well-suited for working with special-needs children.

Yoga therapy is gaining recognition as a form of treatment that can improve the physical and mental wellbeing of children with a variety of complex needs. Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child contains an easily understandable, specially-designed yoga program for use with children of all abilities, and provides both parents and professionals with the knowledge they need to carry out the therapy themselves. The program consists of a series of postures, each of which is explained and accompanied by an illustration. The postures are designed to help children understand and use their bodies, and work towards positive changes such as realigning the spine, encouraging eye-contact, and promoting calm and steady breathing.

Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child is designed in easily accessible sections on yoga therapy for specific conditions such as autistic spectrum disorder, Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy. The book concludes with child and parent reports on how the program has worked for them, and a list of useful contacts and resources.

“Yoga helps me breathe deeper, twist further, balance better, bend with ease, appreciate myself and others more, while teaching me that I am the creator of every single detail in my life,” concludes Williams. “In this book, you will learn how to bring this joy into your child’s life, by teaching them the components of a yoga practice.”

Nancy Williams has been a yoga therapist for 9 years. During this time, she has worked with children with a wide range of special needs, including Autism Spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, sensory integration disorder and Down’s syndrome. Nancy also works as a pediatric Speech Pathologist, and is a certified Neuro Developmental Treatment Therapist, Zero Balancing practitioner, Yoga instructor and Reiki Master Teacher. Nancy owns Therapeutic Bodyworks, a studio in Tucson, Arizona where she teaches yoga therapy classes to individual and small groups of children. Nancy also offers consultations and conducts training workshops.

Singing Dragon is a new publisher specializing in the martial arts, health, fitness, alternative and Asian medicine

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