Neuroscience Now: Detect Imbalances in Biological Systems?

By Rachel Forshee

Is a Glutamate and glycine imbalance the cause of autism? A new scientific model claims to be able to detect imbalances in biological systems.

dreamstime_914230The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes®, LLC (The Center) was working on a model that would give a step-by-step protocol on any system’s homeostatic state. The model is a ratio, or a set of relationships, that can measure how in balance – or out of balance – a biological system is. They tested it on the brain’s chemicals, they tested on proteins (genes) and then, they tested it on autism.

Autism is a “disrupted” homeostatic state according to the Center. Their goal was to test their model with a known heterostatic disorder to find its causes. The model worked.

By measuring the “balanced ratios” against autism’s “imabalanced” ones, the Center was able to discover that the “trigger” behind autism is an imbalance between a pair of amino acid neurotransmitters; glutamate and glycine.

“Our Life Sciences group has already used the model to identify causes for several illnesses,” said the Center’s founder, William McFaul “Autism was one of most difficult illnesses the Center had attempted to analyze. If it hadn’t been for so many parents insisting that vaccines were responsible for the condition, we might never have found [the imbalance].”

He added that the use of the model will be different for each of the disorders within Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and that they will look forward to sharing their findings relative to each disorder when they become available.

According to Linda Oliver-Perrier, The Center’s spokesperson for their Life Sciences group, the findings are difficult to explain and urges the curios to visit the Center’s Web site to learn more.

“Undoubtedly, this finding … will cause immense controversy,” said The Center’s Spokesperson, Oliver-Perrier.

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