Michael Jackson’s Thriller by SAM – 8 year old with autism

The Autism News | English Tribute | The Autism News By Sam’s Mom My 8 year old son Sam who suffers from autism dancing to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. He is a massive MJ fan! This is the only way he would let us record him facing away from the camera! It took alot for him to learn this. Please share this news with friends, family and also with your contact list on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

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Michael Jackson’s Thriller by SAM – 8 year old with autism

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    Thanks Spike. I miss ya. Hope you are doing well and doing what you need to do to be healthy. This year I’m feienlg more confident about my holiday plans than ever before, which is odd because they’re the most drastic. This is the first year of not spending christmas with my family. I consider that a leap. Stay tuned for more leaps to come.

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