Hidden Powers

GrandparentsBy Inna Selipanov

If you are a parent of a child with autism, it is not necessary to tell you just how difficult some days can be. You can probably write a book about that yourself. What may be of use to you, however, is finding out about new sources of power, especially ones that may just be lurking just around the corner: grandparents.

In dealing and living with a child who is diagnosed with autism, never underestimate the amount of support, and the different kinds of support, you can gain from grandparents. As opposed to you, the parents, grandparents are at the point in their lives where they can devote more time and energy to the cause itself. You deal with autism on the front lines – day to day, directly with the person affected by it. Grandparents, on the other hand, are one step removed. Not only do they have the better opportunity to see the greater picture, but they likewise probably have more time (if they are retired, for example) to garner support, awareness, general information, support group, etc.

If you have the opportunity to get grandparents involved, take advantage of such a possibility. Don’t hesitate to ask, because you may be surprised by the support you will discover. And if you are a grandparent of an autistic child, do not be afraid to step in and get your hands dirty. Reach out, and you will see that there are many such grandparents around you, ready to lend both a hand and wisdom acquired over the years.

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