Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Autism News | English By Dawn Matthews | Pittsburgh Autism & Parenting Examiner There are a ton of resources for children with autism spectrum disorder.  In fact, there is so much information and resources that it’s overwhelming.  However, what happens if you’re an adult with autism spectrum disorder?  There isn’t an abundance of information about adult ASD.  In fact, the psychiatric world seems anxious to slap all sorts of labels on adults, except autism spectrum disorder.  Meanwhile, it’s the first label they like to put on children. If you are an adult and you think you might be on the autism spectrum, one thing you can do is take the Aspie Quiz .  It not only tells you if you are likely to have Asperger’s syndrome, it now has a Dyslexia section that can tell you if you are likely a dyslexic.  You can print off your results and then take them somewhere if you need to get help of some sort.  Below is a list of resources for the Pittsburgh area.  If you live elsewhere, Google your city + adult autism

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Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder

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