ICare4Autism Gala

Dr. Mike Snape presents Global Autism Research Award to Dr. Eric Hollander with Dr. Joshua Weinstein

On June 7th, 2012 Dr. Eric Hollander Director of the Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center and Chairman of the ICare4Autism Advisory Council received the coveted Global Autism Research Award for his breakthrough research in autism treatment. Carol Corbin, was chair and MC and was outstanding in her role in highlighting Dr. Eric Hollander’s career and his work as the Chairman of the Advisory council to ICare4Autism.

Ambassador Ido Aharoni Consul General of Israel in New York

Ambassador Ido Aharoni the Consul General of Israel in New York spoke to the crowd. His focus was on what it means to have an institution like ICare4Autism built on Mt. Scopus and for Jerusalem. Ambassador Aharoni’s regard for the work that CEO and Founder Dr. Joshua Weinstein and Dr. Hollander are accomplishing was evident. The ambassador stressed that ICare4Autism’s Mt. Scopus Center will not only be a global institution serving nations worldwide but an asset to Jerusalem’s stature as the center of the world.

Highlights from the event included the award presented to Dr. Eric Hollander by Dr. Mike Snape, Chief Scientific Officer for Autism Therapeutics Ltd who flew in from the United Kingdom. Dr. Snape spoke about what an honor it was to be asked to present the award. Dr. Hollander has personally, as well as professionally, helped form the career of Dr. Snape. Dr. Snape also indicated that he was honored to be a member of ICare4Autism advisory committee because he always wanted to be a part of an organization that would be a leader in collaboration with researchers throughout the world and ICare4Autism is that kind of organization.

Stephen Solender representing ICare4Autism spoke about Dr. Weinstein’s vision for ICare4Autism, the Global Autism Center onMt. Scopus and his worldwide concept of collaboration between autism professionals in all nations. Dr. Weinstein spoke with the kind of excitement that only comes from a deep love for the children that he works with. A video presentation augmented Dr. Weinstein’s brief talk with images of children and the institution itself. Many eyes swelled with tears as their hearts felt the enormity of this cause and the action that is being taken.

Dr. Eric Hollander enjoys the event with his colleagues.


The Event was held at EZ Studios in New York, New York. EZ Studios sponsored the event with the use of their beautiful 37thStreet space, lighting and furniture.