Call for Posters

“Autism: A Global Perspective”
Finding the Causes and Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders

August 1-2, 2012 in Jerusalem, Israel

Poster Presentation Format and Submission Process

The Poster Session consists of several physical displays (aka posters) of information, set-up in a room during a 60 minute session, with presenters standing by their poster reporting empirical research and pilot projects for future research.  Attendees have the opportunity to read the posters and speak with the presenters about their work.

Posters consist of physical displays of information reporting research.  Posters are organized in a pre-assigned room and may be set up 2-hours prior to the scheduled session or viewing time.  Presenters must be at the poster session to present and discuss their work.  Posters must be removed at the end of the session or they will be discarded. 

To function effectively, posters need to clearly and concisely present both verbal and visual information.  These guidelines are intended to help you design a poster.  Note that the posters will be placed on a table against a wall or mounted on a panel, and will be viewed from a distance.  Therefore, the information on posters needs to be large enough to be readable from 4 or 5 feet (~120cm) away, and arranged in such a way to attract attention and interest of conference attendees.  Simple, clear posters are best!

PDF’s of posters that are accepted for presentation at the Conference will be posted on the Icare4autism website.  To be eligible for inclusion on the site, presenters will need to submit their PDFs electronically once their posters have been accepted. 


Poster displays should fit 3.28’x3.28’ (100 cm x 100 cm) poster boards.

Information should be mounted on poster board which is stiff enough to stand on a table or hang on a wall.

The Title Each poster should contain the author(s) name and affiliation; and display a title which describes the procedures used or the problem addressed. For example: The effects of praise on acquisition of social skills.   /or/ Systematic assessment of the behavioral effects of medication on tantruming.

Purpose: The purpose of the program or project should be stated in clear terms using a side heading such as that shown here (Purpose: ). Each additional section should be similarly marked.

Observation System: The data collection system used should be described, with particular attention to defining the behavior targeted for change, the data collection system used, and reliability measures.

Intervention Procedure: The intervention, teaching or training procedures used should be described in sufficient detail that the reader has a good grasp of what was done.

Results: The results of the program should be prominently displayed in brief text with graphics which presents the data collected across phases of the study.  Critical to all posters is the presence of baseline and intervention data.  Graphs or visual displays need to be large enough to read from a distance and the use of colors, though not essential, often adds to the display. 

Summary/ Conclusion / Current Status: A brief statement should indicate what the data show &/or what conclusion can be drawn, &/or describe the subject’s current status.


Please provide the information requested above on paper in a word document, just the text, using the same headings and order as in the poster format instructions.  If an instruction is unclear, please contact us by e-mail at

Submit the poster information via email – to ICare4Autism at

List the one person who will be responsible for all correspondence associated with this poster presentation.  It is the submission contact’s responsibility to verify that all presenters have received notice of the acceptance, date, and time of the event/session.

Conference Registration:  All costs associated with attendance are the responsibility of the poster presenter(s)/attendee but if the poster is accepted the person attending to show the poster will receive 15% discount if they register within 48 hours of acceptance of poster.


One poster will be selected by the review committee to receive a scholarship to attend the Conference.  The scholarship will cover travel, hotel accommodations and conference registration fee. The scholarship winner will also be invited to participate on one of the Conference panels, and the research highlighted on the winning poster will be published on the ICare4Autism website following the conference. The scholarship winner will be announced at the conference on day 1, August 1,2012. The poster presenter must be present.


The submission deadline for the 2012 Conference on Autism in Israel is June 15, 2012.   All submissions must be received in the ICare4Autism office by this date.

The June 15st deadline allows for the timely printing of the Conference Program.


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