Our Mission

Completing the Puzzle, Piece by Piece

The mission of ICare4Autism is best explained by its Founder and President, Joshua Weinstein Ph.D., M.B.A.:

“Our mission is to act as a catalyst and drive research worldwide.”

  • How does ICare4Autism do this? It is done through creating the opportunity for powerful collaborations to happen. ICare4Autism connects through awareness efforts and groundbreaking conferences. Industry professionals, working in similar centers of investigation worldwide, are able to meet and sync up, face to face.
  • Why connect industry professionals? ICare4Autism believes that creating these face- to-face opportunities will lead to the discovery of the causes of autism. In the search for a biologic identifier, ICare4Autism connects the most elite autism researchers.  These combined efforts bring forth a united progress.

The International Center for Autism Research & Education, Inc., ICare4Autism, is a global, non-profit 501c3 organization based in New York City. The groundbreaking non-profit was founded by Joshua Weinstein, Ph.D., M.B.A., in 2004.

Through awareness and funding, ICare4Autism works in partnership with similar institutions worldwide to discover the etiology of autism. ICare4Autism searches for the biologic and environmental causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and promotes various medical and educational practices to best serve people with autism and their families.

Families touched by autism, whom looking for information, are often overwhelmed with the amount of information available. ICare4Autism was established to serve the community in this manner. The altruistic organization is an important piece of the puzzle. ICare4Autism gathers research projects, professional and scientific collaborations, promotes awareness, provides imperative information, and develops programs for parents and professionals as well as training for teachers and therapists.

The number of children diagnosed with autism is growing by epidemic proportions. A new case is diagnosed every 18 minutes, over 25,000 new cases each year.  ICare4Autism offers a strong sense of hope for children and families. The organization endorses communication and collaboration between research institutions and public organizations world wide in order to promote early diagnosis and treatment. ICare4Autism is the catalyst that drives scientific collaborations globally.

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