Autism, Film/Video Intern

Position Responsibilities: The selected Film and Video Intern, for the International Center for Autism Research and Education, is responsible for filming and/or editing various projects. This includes but is not limited to online news clips, events, interviews and meetings held with notable persons (in-house and/or on-location).

The Film and Video Intern will develop a stronger knowledge and ability to work in a professional organization. This involves learning how to create videos based upon concepts developed by a team of ICare4Autism’Department Heads.

Internship Perks: The selected candidate builds more than skills, they build a professional portfolio. The candidate for this internship will be shoot and/or edit HD video footage of politicians, celebrities, community leaders and more.

The Film and Video Internship allows for the chosen candidate to develop their editing techniques, while learning how to develop multifaceted pieces.. Video projects will continuingly include the use of sub-stories.

Fun Internship Perks: Interns can attend any ICare4Autism event, free of cost. Past interns have been able to attend such events as the opening night gala for the Independent Film and Video Festival, “Network for a Cause” hosted by ICare4Autism and the YJP of New York.

Final Internship Perk: Exceptional interns are taken into consideration for paid, in-house and/or freelance positions, as they become available, after their internship is completed.

More Editorial Internship Details

  • Time Frame: This internship can be acquired on a per quarter or semester basis..
  • Preferred Candidates will be pursuing a degree in Animation, Film (editing/directing), Media, Video, Video Marketing or related major.
  • Location: The Film and Video Internship is an in-house internship
  • Compensation: Non-paid

How to Apply: Please send and email with the following information:


APPLICANT for Film and Video Internship

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  3. Quarter or Semester that you are apply for
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  5. College or University that you attend
  6. The total number of hours that you are required, by your College or University, to dedicate to your internship, during this time period
  7. Contact telephone number
  8. Secondary contact telephone number, if applicable
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